Welcome to KN Office Products

For any office-based company, the furniture, stationery and other office supplies needed are crucial to the running of the business. The choice of supplier is therefore an important decision when thinking about cost, quality of products and time management.

Ordering online from a large independent supplier like KN Office is a great way to save your business valuable time and money.

All of our office products are available to you with same-day or next-day delivery.

Contact us by email sales@knofficesupplies.co.uk


Office Stationery

You can shop for office stationery in our office supplies store, which includes a very wide range of supplies, including envelopes, copier paper, pens and folders. We look forward to your next order!

Furniture and Office Environment

We can supply office furniture including ergonomic products, designed to minimise physical discomfort and maximise efficiency.

Facilities Management

Items which contribute to the overall makeup of your office and facilities are important for the smooth and effective running of a business, even down to the tea and biscuits!

Other Office Supplies

From handy blu - tak and rubber bands to folders, dividers, index cards and drywipe boards, our office supplies shop is full of less easily categorised items to keep your office work well organised and presented.

Equipment, Machines & Supplies

If you're in need of PCs, monitors or webcams, KN has a catalogue of machines, computer hardware and equipment including laminators, shredders and telephones.

Buy Green Office Products

It is easy being green! The responsibility for going green rests with all of us, and companies around the world are becoming more aware of the impact they are having on the environment. And even seemingly humble office products add to the issue.