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Do you find that contacting, ordering and receiving from multiple suppliers is quite a drain on your time? Wouldn't things be a lot simpler if you could deal with a single supplier on a much wider range of items?

KN Office Supplies offers a complete service, from initial consultancy and design through to post-project management. So if you are thinking about replacing a chair, refurbishing your office or moving into a new location, we have a professional team ready to help you.

  • Free, fast delivery and installation
  • Free consultation and space planning
  • Extensive ranges of furniture items in stock
  • Lease options available

To find out more about furniture, refits and getting a CAD drawing, why not give us a call on 0117 941 4411.

We can help you with any size order you might have, at whatever budget you are working with! 

Why not get in touch with us so we can talk about the huge range of options available to you? You can either give us a call or you can request a catalogue just by sending us a quick email!

Contact us by email sales@knofficesupplies.co.uk.

Studies have shown that if employees are more comfortable they are likely to achieve more - correct lighting and ergonomic seating can minimise distractions as well as discomfort.

KN Office Supplies provides furniture, designed to minimise physical discomfort and maximise efficiency. Products like back supports, footrests and other accessories promote a healthier working position and can be used to customise individual workstations. Taking ergonomics into consideration can considerably improve productivity in your business, reducing sickness and optimising working conditions.

The Health and Safety Executive describes ergonomics as 'a science concerned with the 'fit' between people and their work'. Taking account of ergonomic factors not only reduces the potential for accidents and injuries, but also improves staff performance.

An example of an ergonomic problem is poor positioning of computer equipment at a desk - the screen may be too high, the mouse may be too far away, or the chair may not be correctly adjusted for height and postural support. Such problems can be resolved by rethinking your furniture.

KN Office Supplies is able to meet all of your office needs - ergonomic and otherwise - at the click of a mouse.


Office and Commercial Fit-Outs

KN Office offer a complete design and fit-out service for your office or commercial business premises.

Office Chairs

Are you thinking of upgrading, improving and extending your office furniture? There's always a good time for getting your office infrastructure in order.

Office Desks

KN Office a wide range of desks to meet the needs of your workplace, including both rectangular and radial designs.

Office Storage

KN Office offers a wide range of office storage solutions for sale throughout theĀ UK.