Facilities Management

Managing business facilities is a complex undertaking. Our comprehensive product list of office supplies will ensure you can take care of all aspects of maintenance and management.

Keep it clean and neat! The appearance and cleanness of your facilities is paramount not only to make your business shine in front of your existing and potential customers, but also to ensure a hygienic and healthy work environment for your staff members. Apart from wide-ranging cleaning products and equipment, including cloths, bin liners, vacuum cleaners and mops, KN Office also supplies corporate clothing solutions for the hygiene and comfort of your employees. These include protective aprons, rubber gloves, fleece jackets and trousers to name but a few.

Facilities management is not only about a sparkling and smart appearance. With the increasing expectations regarding safety and security in the work place, your business may require professional personal protection equipment. KN Office stocks and offers expert advice on these and numerous welfare and security devices, to protect your staff members 'from top to toe': head and face protection wear, high visibility clothing and specialist work footwear. 

Finally, catering is an important area to think about for the overall smooth running of an office. KN Office can equip your kitchen with catering utensils, kitchen appliances and catering sundries as well as beverages and food products. We also supply drink dispensers which can be extremely useful especially, but not exclusively, for those business premises without a designated kitchen area.

Type of maintenance available:

  • Catering
  • Clothing
  • Janitorial
  • Mailroom & Warehouse
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Safety & Security

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